Muḥammad Nāṣir al-Dīn al-Albānī     محمد ناصر الدين الألباني   

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His Life:   Muḥammad Nāṣir al-Dīn al-Albānī was born in 1332 AH in Albania and died in 1420 AH. He was 87 years old.

His Studies:   al-Albānī first studied Sharia in Instanbul, Turkey and later studied Islamic sciences in Damascus, Syria. He then began to specialize in Hadīth at the age of twenty.

His Position(s):   After having taught for years in Syria and after a number of his works were printed, he was chosen to teach Hadīth at the Islamic University in Madinah from 1383 to 1385 AH. He is widely regarded as one of the leading authorities in modern times of Hadīth and its related sciences. : الموقع العربي